Volunteer with Groups

Whether leading a Life Group, Discipleship Group, making phone calls or greeting for an event, you will assist in creating an environment for the adults at Long Hollow to feel welcomed and accepted (BELONG), can encounter Jesus and His Word (BELIEVE), and become who God designed them to be (BECOME).

Leader Roles

Adult Life Group Leaders - Life Group leaders will host a group that meets in their home on a weekly basis and are responsible for fostering a healthy, Christ-centered community for that group through facilitating Bible-based discussion either with sermon based curriculum or bible study of their choice. We have traditional co-ed groups, gender specific groups, and age specific groups.

Short-Term Life Group Leaders - Are similar to the standard Life Group except, their group will meet for the course of a specific study. We have a catalog of studies to choose from. These groups are semester-based and run in conjunction with other short-term studies offered.

Online Group Leaders - Have exactly the same role as a standard adult Life Group Leader with the exception of meeting online to provide a community for Long Hollow attendees from around the world.

D-Group Leaders - Lead a discipleship group of 3-5 gender specific members (men with men, women with women) for the course of 12-18 months. Meeting weekly and will practice spiritual disciplines (reading the Bible, memorizing scripture, prayer, etc) and accountability as a group.

Men's Group Leaders - Partner with our Men’s Ministry to lead a group of men during short-term Bible Studies and events.

Women's Group Leaders - Partner with our Women’s Ministry to lead a group of women during short-term Bible Studies and events.

Leader Requirements

Become a member.
Fill out a Global Leader Application.
Complete a background check every two years.
Complete leader training by watching videos and meeting with a member of the groups team.

Volunteer Roles

Group Link Volunteers - Group Link meets every week on a Sunday morning. We need greeters, fill-in table hosts, check-in help, set up help.

Volunteers to make phone calls - many times we call through lists such as the Group Link list in order to invite, touch base or ask a specific question. Could do this at home in your own time.

Event Greeters - Periodically throughout the year, we host events for men, women, groups, etc. These events always require assistance from greeters, set up and tear down help, etc.

If you have questions about volunteering with Adult Ministry, please contact Sara Hepburn at sara.hepburn@longhollow.com or (615) 824-4006.https://longhollow.com/connect/men