Volunteer with the Worship Team

Join our worship team as a musician or vocalist and help lead on Sunday mornings or throughout the week.

Upload Instructions

  • Film your audition video using a camera or phone, not expected to be professional quality.
  • Upload your video to YouTube. Under the privacy settings, select “Unlisted” and use the title “First Last Name – Song Title”
  • Complete the online interest form and include the YouTube link in the respective field.
  • We will send you a follow-up email upon reviewing your video and interest form within two weeks.


If you play more than one instrument, you may audition with each instrument individually and upload as separate videos. Instruments include, Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Keys.

Instrumental Audition Songs

By clicking on the song, you can find a # Chart that we’ve put together to help if needed.


We’ve provided instrumental MP3s you can sing to if you would like. If the key doesn’t fit your range submit an a cappella version you are comfortable with.

Male Vocalists

Male vocalists sing verse 1 and chorus of "Follow You Anywhere" by Passion.

Female Vocalists

Female vocalists sing verse 1 and chorus of "What a Beautiful Name" by Hillsong Worship.


    Once we review your audition video and your online interest form, we will email you with your next steps.