Re | Engage

Re|engage is a small group of 4-6 couples who are led through a 16-week curriculum by one of our trained mentor couples. Couples will learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and grow closer to their spouse. Re|engage brings couples together to learn about God’s design for marriage and apply biblical principles for building a healthy relationship.

Every marriage has room for improvement. Re|engage gives you a safe place to work on your relationship together, regardless of whether your marriage needs saving or you just want to take it from “good” to “great.” You and your spouse will meet weekly with other couples who, just like you, are seeking to strengthen their marriage.

This is more than just a weekly meeting. These small groups bond by sharing life experiences and supporting one another. Groups form on an ongoing basis via the recurring Intentional Marriage class, however, attending the Intentional Marriage class is not a requirement for registration. Once four or more couples show interest in Re|engage, a new group will launch. Childcare availability will be dependent on the meeting time and place.

For more information, contact Christy Ryan at

Registration is now closed. Look for a new session coming in Fall 2024.