Our 55x35 Legacy: 55,000 Legacies Changed by 2035

Throughout the past two years, our leadership teams have spent countless hours seeking God about where He’s leading us next. Our desire has always been to reach our community, nation, and world in a way we’re uniquely positioned to do. Over and over, we felt the Holy Spirit leading us back to one idea: Leaving a legacy that matters.

Our vision for the future isn’t just a plan to grow our church. It’s a God-sized dream to see thousands of lives transformed and empowered to reach the generations coming after us. It’s a plan to leave an intentional legacy through several focused endeavors.

This is our 55x35 Legacy: We want to see 55,000 legacies changed by 2035.

Over the next decade, we believe Long Hollow will reach 55,000 people through a legacy of family discipleship, personal impact, and restoration that will change the course of the next generation.

It’s an exciting dream for our church family to pursue, and it involves each of us living out our God-given calling as we follow Jesus and make disciples every day. Here’s a breakdown of what it means:

By 2035, we believe we can reach 25,000 people every week through our services and ministries. Understanding the influence parents can have, our goal is to disciple 10,000 families to follow Jesus and grow together. We also want to empower 5,000 people to reach their circle of impact by 2035, which will expand our reach far beyond the walls of our buildings. Finally, whether it’s freedom found in Celebrate Recovery, marriages renewed, or even lives redirected from prison, we’re praying to see 15,000 lives restored over the next decade.

That’s our 55x35 Legacy:

  • 25,000 people reached weekly
  • 10,000 families discipled
  • 5,000 circles reached
  • 15,000 lives restored

...55,000 legacies changed by 2035.

This isn’t just a dream for some of us; it’s a vision for what God wants to do through all of us. Ask God what role He wants you to play and join us in praying He will guide our steps in the days ahead.