Starting Point is an easy four-part course where you’ll discover:

  • What it means to encounter Jesus in a tangible way
  • How to grow with others in meaningful relationships
  • Tools to discover your purpose and use your gifts
  • ...and opportunities to make a difference in your community and around the world.

Each session consists of a quick video and some meaningful questions to help you think through your own journey. You can start on whichever session you like, but we recommend going in order for the best experience.

Reserve your spot at the next in-person Starting Point session in the Chapel at 9:30 a.m., or dive right in with the on-demand sessions below. You can complete the course in person, on demand, or with a mixture of the two formats… it’s up to you! ** For the month of September, Starting Point will be held in the Student Building "Garage."

No matter what your next step is, this is the place to start.

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November 27 - Session 4 - Make a Difference

January 8 - Session 1 - Encounter Jesus

January 15 - Session 2 - Grow with Others

January 22 - Session 3 - Discover Your Purpose

January 29 - Session 4 - Make a Difference

February 8 - Session 1 - Encounter Jesus

Watch On Demand Now!

We would love to have you attend Starting Point in person, but we’ve also designed this simple course to be easy to complete online. Simply pick a session below and click the button to get started; log in with your Long Hollow account, and you can watch the video and complete the session right from your device. Don't forget to download the guide!

Session 1: Encounter Jesus
(14 min) Who is Jesus? What is the “gospel?” Why are any of us here in the first place?

In this brief session, you’ll learn a little bit about Long Hollow, what it means to truly encounter Jesus, and where we believe God wants to take every believer on their own Discipleship Journey.
Session 2: Grow With Others
(11 min) Why is it so important to find community? What are the best ways to develop authentic relationships and grow with other believers? 

In this brief session, you’ll learn about the importance of biblical community, and we’ll discuss three simple groups options where you can get connected to others at Long Hollow.
Session 3: Discover Your Purpose
(13 min) What did God design you to do? How do you fit in with this body of believers that we call a church family?

In this brief session, you’ll learn about the unique ways that God has wired you, and find some practical steps you can take to put those gifts to use.
Session 4: Make a Difference
(18 min) What’s the best way to reach your neighbors for Christ? How can you make a lasting difference here and around the globe?

In our final session, we’ll help you discover practical and tangible ways that you can share your faith and impact the world with the hope of the Gospel.
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What Is a Long Hollow Account?

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