Newly-Blended Class

This is a 7-week course intended to help newly-married couples in stepfamilies (5 years or less) learn about some of the common challenges in Blended Marriages. Being blended is difficult. This class will help you navigate through some of the challenges and complexities of being newly blended and get your new family off to a successful start.

Registration is now closed. Look for a new session coming Fall 2024.

You will learn that you are not alone in many of the challenges you face and leave with some resources to help equip you for your blended journey.


Week 1 - Who are you, now?
Week 2 - Becoming a stepfamily, inside the loss
Week 3 - Crockpot, not a blender
Week 4 - Marriage, you've got to fight (for it)
Week 5 - Parenting in a blend
Week 6 - Step-Parenting in a blend
Week 7 - Blended family finances

If you have questions or would like more information, email Christy Ryan at: