Volunteer with the Care Team

Volunteer with the Care Team to be a force for good within our church family.


Current Volunteer Opportunities


Assist and encourage those coming for baptism. Help direct people to changing areas, assist in selecting clothing, and celebrate with them after this special event. (Volunteer application, membership, and background check required.)

Hospitals, Shut-Ins, and Funerals

Show care to those who are hurting or lonely. Personal visits, phone calls, or sending encouraging cards are just a few ways to serve. Providing meals is also a way to serve and offer support.

Prayer Ministry

Join us as we gather to pray during each service. Find out more about the prayer team here.

Support Group Leader

Do you have the desire to help others with something you have struggled with yourself? Support groups are a great way to use your experience to help others.

Support Team

Serve inside Care Ministry events and initiatives with things like setup and teardown, greeting, managing resources, and ministering to those involved. Contact Christy Ryan at mailto:christy.ryan@longhollow.com for more information on this volunteer opportunity.