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If you are looking to find community in a Life Group, Group Link is the place to start. Group Link provides an opportunity for you to start getting to know others also looking for a group, as well as connect with leaders who are ready to launch new groups. You will walk away with new friendships, great discussion around the Bible, and a brand new Life Group! 

Group Link is offered at strategic times throughout the year for 3 weeks each. Our next round of Group Link will begin in October and will meet every Sunday in the Student Building from 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., starting October 22nd - November 5th.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Group Link meet?
Group Link meets in the Student Building.

What happens at Group Link?
Group Link mimics the Life Group experience in order to give you a snapshot of what it will look like in a Life Group. At Group Link, you will sit at a table with 5-16 other people as well as a group leader. Each week you will have the opportunity to get to know the people at your table as well as discuss questions designed to help you process what time in a Life Group gathering may look like. 

How does Group Link help me find a Life Group?
Each table represents a Life Group that will form out of Group Link. You will be given information about each group’s meeting time and location in order to help you decide where to sit each week. You will have the choice of sitting at a different table each week or staying with the same table for the duration of your time at Group Link.

What is the difference between Group Link and Life Groups?
Group Link is the onramp to Life Groups. Most of our Life Groups meet in homes in an ongoing weekly basis. Group Link will provide an opportunity for you to find and connect with a Life Group.

Is this the only way to find a Life Group?
We have very few spots in existing Life Groups but not enough to meet the needs of everyone looking for a group. Therefore, Group Link is the best way to find a Life Group. All new groups are forming out of Group Link.

How long do I need to attend Group Link?
We recommend attending for all 3 weeks in order to provide adequate time to effectively make the decision of which Life Group you want to attend after Group Link. It will also allow you to get to know potential members of the group you choose.

I really like Group Link, why do I have to transition to a Life Group?
Group Link is intended to be an onramp to a Life Group. The Life Group experience is far superior in relationship, accountability, depth of spiritual growth (and so much more) to Group Link. 

Is there another time Group Link is offered?
Because of the nature of Group Link, it works best to offer one time because we want to give each person exposure to ALL the new groups that would be a possibility and give them a chance to get to know the leader and other possible attendees. Most people in your situation will either attend an earlier service just for the course of the 3 weeks or watch the service online at another time.

I usually serve during the 11:15 service. What can I do?
Every ministry of the church understands the importance of finding a Life Group. Talk to them about finding a replacement temporarily. If it is putting them in a bind, know that is not essential that you attend Group Link every week consecutively. While not ideal, you will still be able to find a group by attending every other week, even if that means it might take a little longer to find a group that works best for you.

I don’t live locally, can I find a Life Group that meets online through Group Link?

Group Link will connect you to a Life Group that meets in person in Middle Tennessee only. If you want to find an online Life Group, fill out the form linked below, mark "Online" for your campus, and check ”I want to join or start a Life Group.” One of our team members will reach out to connect you with one of our online Life Groups. Click HERE to find the form.

Is Group Link for Life Groups of all ages?
Group Link is the way to connect to an adult (18+) life group only. If you are interested in a Student Life Group (middle and High school) contact Kerry at

If you have any questions or would like more info contact