Getting Baptized at Home

If you're not able to attend a church service in person, we don’t want that to keep you from following God and taking the next step on your faith journey. Baptism is an important step of obedience in the life of a believer; as recorded in the book of Acts, we also believe it’s something you can follow through on anywhere that there’s water and another believer to baptize you!

Here are some quick instructions on getting baptized in your home (or any location).

What you need:

  • A tub/container full of water.
  • Another believer to baptize you.
  • A phone/camera to record or live stream your step of faith!

There’s no specific script you have to follow, but here’s a simple guide to how we normally do it at Long Hollow:

“Have you given your life to Jesus?” (Response)

“Because of that, I now baptize you my [brother/sister] in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

While submerging: “Buried with Christ in baptism…”

While raising: “Raised to walk in the newness of life!”

Be Sure to Share It With Us!

If you get baptized from home, please let us know! Fill out the quick contact form at, or simply message us your video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you took a video of your baptism, please share it with us here. We’d love to celebrate with you, and share the big news with the rest of the Long Hollow family.