Follow the NT260 Bible Reading Plan

Do you want to read through the New Testament, but have a hard time knowing where to start?

The NT260 is a Bible reading plan for busy believers that walks readers through the entire New Testament over the course of a year. It’s designed for reading five days a week, giving readers weekends off (with time to catch up if you miss a day). The NT260 also highlights memory verses each week to complement your reading as you journey through the New Testament year-after-year.

Each year, we encourage every person at Long Hollow to read through God’s Word with us. You can download a digital copy below or follow along through digital resources like the Long Hollow app.

Download a PDF of the Plan

Additional Resources

As you read through the New Testament with the NT260 plan, Replicate Ministries has produced several companion journals with additional insights for kids, teens, and adults. These “Foundations” journals are available to purchase online via these links:

Are You Reading With Us?

Are you reading along with us? Tag a pic with #NT260 and let us know! We want to encourage our community, nation, and world to experience the transformative power of God’s Word.

Want to Read Through the Whole Bible?

If you would like to read through the entire Bible instead of the New Testament alone, check out the F260 Bible Reading Plan.

Want to Read Through the Old Testament?

If you would like to read through the Old Testament instead of the New Testament alone, check out the OT260 Bible Reading Plan.