Be a Force for Good Through This Year's Easter Offering

Easter is a season of hope; a season where we reflect on death’s defeat and celebrate the freedom that comes from following Jesus. It’s also a time when we lock arms as a church family to give toward the work we can only accomplish together.

In addition to funding our 2023 Ministry Plan, this year’s Easter Offering supports three key initiatives that will serve our community, spread the Gospel throughout the nation, and increase our reach for years to come.

Launching Two Strategic New Church Plants

As exciting as it is to watch God work in our church family, it’s just as much of a blessing to see God working through us to spread the Gospel across our nation. We’re a disciplemaking church with a passion for planting more churches that make disciples. In 2023, we’re helping to launch two new churches, and equipping three new families who plan to launch in 2024.

When you give this Easter, you’re providing critical support to eight young churches in seven states, including two new plants: The Abiding Church in Los Angeles and Reliant Church in Indianapolis.

Supporting Vital Local Partners

Long Hollow has always been a church with a heart to run to the hurting. A significant portion of our yearly Ministry Plan is devoted to supporting multiple community partners that play a vital role in providing help where it’s needed the most.

Every gift to the Easter Offering will support both new and existing partners throughout Sumner County. From providing paths away from homelessness to support and mentoring for young moms in crisis, we want to impact our community with tangible hope in the midst of life’s challenges.

Opening Legacy Park to the Community

As the second phase of the Legacy Park Project nears completion, we’re preparing to transform our campus from just a few useful buildings into a multi-purpose environment where the community can gather seven days a week.

When Legacy Park opens this Spring, our prayer is that this expansive new outdoor environment will be the perfect place for families to grow, remote workers to set up for the day, and students to gather and connect after school and on the weekends.

How to Give

Our church goal this April is $750,000, and our family goal is $650. Whether you’re able to give less or potentially much more, we ask that you prayerfully consider how God is calling you to participate.

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