Volunteer – LH Students

LH Students
All members must fill out a Volunteer Application and consent to a criminal background screening.

If you have questions about serving at Long Hollow, please contact Kerry Hicks at kerry.hicks@longhollow.com or (615) 824-4006 x175.

We ask our Student Ministry Volunteers to be LH Members of at least three months, to submit the volunteer application, to comply to a background check, and to abstain from alcohol during their season of serving.


Current Opportunities

Life Group Leader – Lead a life group each Sunday with our High School or Middle School students. Contact students throughout the week.

Counselor – Provide one-on-one counseling with students after they make a spiritual decision.

Decision Follow-Up Team – Assist our Student Staff with contacting students who have made spiritual decisions.

Security – Assist in special events to give directions and provide crowd control.

Event Registration – Check students in for events and give them information.

Greeting – Welcome and greet students as they enter our doors.

Host/Hostess – Provide supervision of students and ensure facilities are treated properly.

Check-In – Assist with check-in and provide information for students.

Set Up/Tear Down – Assist with functions for setting up before and after events. This will include cleaning up after events.

Student Java – Work in the Student cafe serving food and drinks. May require early set-up and clean up. Requires accounting of money.

Volunteer Coordinator (Couples) – Couples assigned to volunteer by grade to communicate and assist.

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