Volunteer – LH Kids

All members must fill out a Volunteer Application and complete a background check to serve in LH Kids.

We ask our LH Kids Volunteers to be Long Hollow members of at least three months and to abstain from alcohol during their season of serving.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Group Leader – Guide children in age and stage appropriate activities, games, and Bible lessons using the provided curriculum to help them know God and find community.

Assistant Leader – Provide assistance in an LH Kids class by helping the group leader with games, activities, and Bible lessons using the provided curriculum.

Hallway Coordinator – Invest in 4-8 classroom leaders by offering classroom support, encouragement, and guidance during LH Kids services. Ensure that each child has an excellent experience, and that all safety policies are followed.

Worship Leader – Lead children in worship through song, hand motions, or with an instrument during large group time.

Puppets – Use puppets to share God’s truth with preschoolers and children in large group time.

Special Needs – Guide children with special needs in developmentally appropriate activities, games, and Bible lessons using the provided curriculum to help them know God and find community.

Check-In – Welcome families with a smile and assist them with the check-in process, ensuring that each guest has excellent first impression and that all safety policies are followed.

Media Tech & Production – Work behind the scenes, operating the audio, visual, and lighting portions of large group to provide a seamless and excellent experience for preschoolers and children where God’s truth is clearly communicated.

Infant and Toddler Leader – Care for infants and young toddlers by providing a safe, secure, and loving environment.

Host & Bible Storyteller – Communicate God’s truth to preschoolers or children in a large group setting using the provided scripts and curriculum. This person should be a dynamic communicator and storyteller.

Take a “Test Drive!”

TestDrive_WEBA Test Drive gives people the opportunity to shadow a current LH Kids volunteer and learn more about the volunteer opportunities within LH Kids.

This is a one-time-only, no-strings-attached opportunity for people to learn about the mission of LH Kids and discover the joy of serving in children’s ministry.

If you would like to join a Test Drive with us, please fill out this form. All participants will be required to complete a background check, per the safety policies of LH Kids.

Contact Info

If you have questions about volunteering with LH Kids, please contact Kelly Ablaza at kelly.ablaza@longhollow.com or (615) 824-4006 x105.

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