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Long Hollow celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Isn’t that amazing? God has certainly done an incredible work in our midst over the past 40 years, and we think He’s just getting started.

As we look toward the future, we want to prayerfully consider how God wants to move in our church family in the days ahead. If we focus our energies on growing our church, there’s a chance that we might succeed, and we might even make some disciples along the way. However, if we focus instead on Jesus command in the Great Commission to “make disciples,” we’re certain that our church will grow by leaps and bounds as a natural result of biblical disciplemaking.

Our region is about to undergo a seismic population surge, and we believe that God has sovereignly positioned us to engage our community like never before. With more than 30,000 new people moving to our cities in the next 5 years alone, our plan is to grow our seating capacity with the hope of growing our sending capacity. We want to ignite a disciplemaking movement that impacts our city, our nation, and ultimately, the entire world.

Here are the new initiatives that God is calling us to pursue in 2018 and beyond:

Local Disciplemaking

Local Disciplemaking

Building a Second Major Ministry Hub

According to Sumner County data, our county will build nearly 8800 new homes by 2023. In just five years time, over 30,000 new people will move to our community, with 4500 new homes in Hendersonville, 3200 new homes in Gallatin, and 1100 new homes in the northern reaches of the county.

More homes coming to our region.

Long Hollow Attendees

After purchasing a strategic 20+ acre plot of land last fall, we’re prayerfully beginning work on a second major campus that will sit in the exact center of the population boom in Gallatin along the Highway 109 corridor. We plan to build this new ministry hub in several phases, with a goal of taking on no long-term debt. We will launch a new resource initiative this fall as we begin work on this strategic new launching pad.

Home-Based Life Groups in Every Neighborhood

Our church isn’t confined to a weekend service in two local buildings; our church is comprised of thousands of members who live as the Church weekly at work, at school, and in the backyard. The best way to reach our community is to change our community, and we plan to do that by having a Long Hollow Life Group meeting in every neighborhood in Sumner County.

Home-based Life Groups

There are 185 subdivisions in Sumner County, and 68 already have a Life Group presence after Pastor Robby first issued this challenge in 2017. Prayerfully consider leading a Life Group in your home as we strive to reach each street with the hope of the Gospel.

Neighborhood “Hangouts” for Community Outreach

As Long Hollow develops a Life Group presence in each subdivision, we want to empower you to bring your neighborhood together through fun community events as a way to develop relationships, and ultimately, have Gospel conversations.

Look for block party ideas and resources as we launch these first hangouts this spring, summer, and fall.

Reaching Every School

There are 46 schools in Sumner County, and we want our Life Groups to adopt and have an impact in every single one of them. We want to see every teacher prayed for daily, make an investment in every student, and be the first place that principals call when a school has a need.

Sumner County Schools

Attractional Sermon Series

Weekend services are a great way for guests to hear the Gospel, and there’s no more effective way to reach new people than through a personal invite from a friend or neighbor. In 2018, we’re planning several sermon series with attractional topics that are perfect opportunities to invite the people you know to Long Hollow.

The first of these is “Making Sense of God,” a series that will explore life’s biggest questions beginning February 25. Pastor Robby will also share his powerful testimony again on March 25, kicking off a new series about life change that will continue through the Easter season.

Equip Our Members for the Work of the Ministry

The Long Hollow Institute is our effort to provide seminary-style courses to our members, and the first semester begins on February 21. Each semester is 9 weeks long, and features training on topics like theology, missions, apologetics, and more. Registration is open now.

National Disciplemaking

National Disciplemaking

Reaching 32 North American “Send Cities”

Our God-sized vision for disciplemaking begins in our community, but we believe its impact will extend far beyond the borders of Sumner County.

Church planting has always been a part of Long Hollow’s DNA. This year we’re unveiling a major partnership with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to reach 32 “Send Cities,” cities with great spiritual need and potential influence in North America. Our prayer is that we will plant a church in each of these cities by the year 2032, infusing each plant with Long Hollow’s DNA and heart for disciplemaking.

We’re planting a new church this year in Pittsburgh, PA with Rob Wilton (our first resident church planter), and another one in Los Angeles in 2019 with Jason Polk.

We want to plant disciples who plant churches, and our hope is that you faithfully respond to where God might be leading you to go in the future.

Visiting Every “Send City” in 2018

Reaching every Send City in 14 years is certainly a God-sized goal, and we want to start by getting as many Long Hollow members involved as possible. In 2018, we’re asking every family to consider simply visiting and praying for one of these Send Cities on a vacation. Our hope is that spending time in these cities and meeting the people will empower you to pray for them frequently in the future, and encourage you to support a future church plant (or maybe even plant a church yourself!).

Global Disciplemaking

Global Disciplemaking

God is moving us to make disciples of all nations, and particularly those without a Christian presence or that have little to no access to the Gospel. We want to be intentional about targeting areas that are unengaged and unreached.

Adopting Two People Groups in 2018

This year, our goal is to adopt two specific people groups as an area of focus. The first are the Malai people of Malaysia, which represents one of the 50 largest unreached people groups on the planet. Less than 2% of the Malai are Christians, with only 2500 known believers out of 13 million people. We’ll discuss this in greater detail at the Secret Church event in April.

The second group is an Unengaged, Unreached People Group (UUPG) that currently has no access to the Gospel and no Bible in their language. No one is currently trying to reach this group, and we want to change that by sponsoring their Bible translation, and publishing the very first Bibles available in their language. What a blessing it will be to bring the Word of God to a group of people who have never heard it before!

The Harvest Is Plentiful, but the Workers Are Few

There is no shortage of a need for the Gospel in our world, and we have no shortage of vision for what we believe God wants to do in our midst.

We believe that every person at Long Hollow isn’t just saved from something, but for something. You hear us talk about our Discipleship Pathway frequently; the final step on your spiritual journey isn’t when you encounter Christ, get baptized, join a Life Group, or even start a D-Group. The final step on the Discipleship Pathway is to Change the World, and we hope that each of you will be faithful to raise up disciples who raise up their own disciples.

Join us in praying for this new vision as we step beyond the walls of our buildings by God’s strength to deploy disciples in our community, our nation, and around the world.