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The Legacy Park Project

The people at Long Hollow have always looked ahead. Our heart for evangelism and discipleship frequently leads us to invest in tools and assets that will prepare us to reach the people who aren’t here yet. In fact, the reason we’re able to gather and impact so many the way we do now is because of the faithful sacrifice and investment of Long Hollow members in the decades past.

As we look toward the future today, we believe it’s time to give again to revamp our largest physical ministry asset to prepare for the new wave of growth in our local mission field. By making 3 distinct changes to our campus in Hendersonville, we can dramatically increase its ministry impact in the future.

Creating a 7 Day a Week Ministry Outpost

Our physical campus is an incredible resource for our regular weekly programming, but we think that barely scratches the surface of the ministry potential for these spaces. What we want to create is an environment where both Long Hollow members and anyone in our community would feel comfortable gathering to live, work, and play every day of the week.

A key part of this project is establishing a community-focused coffee shop that will anchor the other campus updates and provide a valuable resource to our community. Coffee shops are where friends gather to catch up, where students study after school, and where remote-workers set up offices throughout the week. Developing our own high-quality coffee shop not only enhances the experience of our weekly ministries, but it’s also an affordable addition to our campus that will invite our community to develop new relationships. Legacy Coffee opened to the public on December 5!

Building an Expansive New Outdoor Environment

The second phase of this one-year project takes this community focus even further by creating an expansive new outdoor environment. This includes adding two levels of covered patio space and shade, an imaginative new playground, a multi-purpose activity courtyard, and intentional areas to gather and connect.

We envision discipleship groups gathering around fire pits; parents from the community catching up over coffee as they watch their kids play; students working on group projects after school, and remote workers knocking out tasks while enjoying the fresh air. We have an exciting opportunity to dramatically open our campus to our community in a way that will reach people who may never otherwise consider attending a service with us.

Enhancing Our Guest Experience

If you’ve ever been inside of our Hendersonville Campus, you know it can be hard to find your way around. Since we’ve only made minor adjustments and remodels to our aging buildings over the years, we believe it’s finally time to reimagine our main corridors and interior traffic flow with focused intentionality.

Not only will this project revamp our guest experience and improve wayfinding, but it will also dramatically enhance kids check-in and the way families experience our kids programming. By adding new lobbies, a welcoming “next steps” area, and family corridor, our campus will feel more welcoming and inviting than it ever has before.

The Legacy Park Project Is Under Construction!

We broke ground on the Legacy Park Project in late 2021, and expect to have both phases complete by the first half of 2023. Check out the links below to view detailed renders of each aspect of the project, and the find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Common Questions About the Legacy Park Project
Find answers to the most common questions about the construction process and when you can expect to see changes take place during this exciting season.
What Will Legacy Park Look Like?
Our Legacy Park Project features a number of exciting improvements to both our interior and outdoor spaces at our campus in Hendersonville.