Every gift leaves a legacy.
The 2022 Ministry Plan

If you look back over the past year, it’s obvious that God is doing a new work in our midst. We witnessed Him take our church from a season of uncertainty and move us into a year of intimate dependence on the Holy Spirit. We baptized more people than we ever have before. We welcomed thousands of guests, saw hundreds come to Christ, and experienced personal revival. God is on the move in our church and community, and I think He’s just getting started.

There’s no denying that the world has changed since 2020, but I believe we have more opportunities to share the Gospel now than ever before. New families and cultures are growing our neighborhoods, and new tools and technologies are expanding our reach. We’re planting churches in strategic cities, investing in countless ministry partners, and making disciples today who have a passion to make disciples tomorrow. God is working in and through every member of our church family.

When you give in 2022, you’re investing in a new future for both the people in our community and the lives we are able to impact around the globe. You’re contributing to the Legacy Park project, caring for families in need, and equipping the next generation. You’re investing in something that matters for eternity.

Prayerfully consider how God is moving your family to give in 2022. I think we have an incredible year ahead of us.

– Pastor Robby

Our Full Ministry Plan Budget

The 2022 Budget Breakdown

Ways to Give