Financial Peace


My husband, Jim, and I recently led a Group through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which just finished on October 29. We want to celebrate with our church family that out of the 24 people who stuck with the program for all 9 lessons, $26,000 was paid toward debt and they finished with almost $5,000 more liquid cash than the first week of class, 11 weeks prior.

These numbers are remarkable considering that everyone was extremely overwhelmed the first couple of weeks. However, they persevered and applied the principles they were learning to their financial lives, and they finished strong. We all had a great time and feel like there is so much more hope than the Group felt before taking FPU. We will try to offer FPU at least twice a year moving forward, and this testifies to how effective Dave’s principles really are, and how empowering they are, as well!

When we’re intentional with our financial situations, it also enables us to worship through giving more than we ever imagined possible. We celebrate this lesson learned during our session and pray for many more in the future!

November 4, 2014

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