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The Impact of One Week: Student Camp

Camp Share 2015 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Student Summer Camp 2015 was a year of change and the unknown. It was also one that will forever be remembered by the lives that were changed in unexpected ways. We prayed for the Lord to pour out His love and for His Kingdom to reign at Shorter University. As you see in this video, He exceed what we could have ever hoped or imagined.

July 7, 2015

“Don’t let this pass by.”

Our Gallatin Campus Pastor, Bill Davis, and his daughter, Taylor Adcock, talk about their experience with Student Summer Camp. This story proves you never know what God has in store, but committing your family to chase after Jesus no matter what, can have eternal impact.

May 18, 2015

Living Water Spilling Out


This is the story of how a young girl named Olivia heard about Jesus here at Long Hollow. Olivia’s story begins with a lady who she had never met before, named Terri:


Several months ago, Terri was struggling to find peace where she was in life. She really didn’t feel like going to church; and yet, God led her to give Long Hollow a try. Once she did, she was amazed at the amount of peace she found by being here. In fact, each week, she couldn’t wait to get back to church. It had become her weekly time to refuel. She said, “My time at Long Hollow – between the message, worship, and friendliness of people – has allowed me and my family one hour of peace and rest. I can put aside all my worries when I am here.”

After attending for a while, she heard Pastor David’s call for 400 people to start volunteering. Inside, she felt Satan whispering to her “No, you can’t do this. You are too busy. You have too much going on.” And all she could picture was Jonah trying to run away from God’s call. And she also felt like God was asking “Will you teach my children? Will you teach my children?” And finally she answered, “Yes”

Terri was so glad that she decided to serve. We have a quote of her saying, “I feel like the kids bless me more than I could ever bless them.” It also gave her an inside look into the kid’s ministry – which was important, because it made her feel confident to invite others to church, especially her friends with kids.

So, at this point in the story, Olivia is still nowhere to be seen. But Terri is attending Long Hollow and she’s plugged in serving with the children’s ministry. At this point, Terri invites one of her former coworkers, whose name is Nadalie:


They had not talked in a while, so Terri decided to text Nadalie and check in on her to see how things were going AND to invite her to church for Easter. Nadalie was a little hesitant at first. She replied to Terri, “We have given up on church because the girls were so anxious about going into class. It’s just not worth the battle.”

Terri understood the hesitation, but didn’t give up because she already knew how good the children’s ministry was at Long Hollow. So, she told Nadalie, “If you will give church one more try, I promise you’ll find that there is no better place than Long Hollow to bring your kids. I am confident because I am a part of serving in the ministry and I know your girls will love it.

Terri’s text messages were a tipping point for Nadalie and her family to get back in church again. In fact, Nadalie and her husband got so excited about it, that they decided to start coming the week BEFORE Easter! They showed up on Palm Sunday with their daughter, Kerra, who originally had a lot of anxiety about attending church:


After the first service was over, Kerra came running out of the Children’s service and said, “Mom! Can this please be our church?” She had absolutely LOVED it!

The second time they came was for the first Easter service in Hendersonville on Friday night. This time when Nadalie went to pick Kerra up from Children’s service, Kerra shared that she had asked Jesus into her heart that day! Nadalie was blown away. This confirmed to her why God had been calling her family back to church again.

So now, each week, Kerra loves coming to Long Hollow. She’s hearing the story of God’s love, she’s singing songs of worship to Him, and she’s discovering the value of her life. She loves coming so much that she eventually invited one of her neighborhood friends to church – another young girl named Olivia.


And that… is how Olivia heard about Jesus at Long Hollow.

This story carries with it the same beauty of the Samaritan woman’s story in John 4: Terri experienced God’s peace firsthand, and was bold enough to tell others about it. And because she did, they came and experienced it themselves.

You see…
God has poured out His living water at Long Hollow,
so that the living water could get to Terri.

And He gave this living water to Terri,
so that He could also give it to Nadalie.

And He gave this living water to Nadalie,
so that He could also give it to Kerra.

And He gave this living water to Kerra,
so that He could also give it to Olivia.

And He gave this living water to Olivia,
so that right now, as you hear this story,
He could give this living water to you.

That’s the length that our God will go to reach us.

Jesus is saying to us what He said to that Samaritan woman: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

June 4, 2014

Dodgeball 2014

Throughout the month of April, across all five campuses, we saw something pretty amazing happen. Thousands of students were reached by the Gospel because Long Hollow is willing to blow a Dodgeball Tournament out of the water; hundreds of adults volunteering their time, members giving their resources, and countless prayer for God to move among us. This is what we saw – this is why we give!

May 7, 2014

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