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Liz’s Story: Steps of Obedience


Our Sunday night outreach team at the Hillcrest Campus has been hitting the streets, bringing food and building relationships with their neighbors. Among these neighbors was a woman named Liz, who had just been in a car wreck that left her bedridden along with a husband who recently was diagnosed with cancer.  This family was in desperate need of hope. Knowing that Liz couldn’t physically make it to church, a group from Hillcrest decided to take church to Liz. Through prayer, worship, and an encouraging message, the Hillcrest team surrounded Liz’s family with the love of Christ.

Women then began meeting with her to do Discovery Bible Study. She began to dive into the Word of God like never before.  She started coming to church at our Hillcrest campus and recently got baptized surrounded by her newfound sisters in Christ.  In the midst of heartbreaking circumstances, Liz found hope and life in Jesus Christ and a community of believers who will walk alongside her on the road ahead. We celebrate with Liz as she stepped out in obedience to be baptized!

Praise the Lord for opening the hearts and homes of our Hillcrest neighbors! God is working in incredible ways in this community!

September 14, 2015

Gallatin’s Lake Baptisms


The Long Hollow Gallatin campus celebrated life-change once again at the annual Lake Baptism service in Old Hickory Lake on Highway 109 South.  Nine people, ranging from second grade to 43 years-old, were baptized with a huge crowd of supporters looking on. Three of those baptized were a mom, dad and daughter. An entire family stepped out in obedience to go public with their faith. In fact, adding the 9 people baptized at the lake to the 6 folks who were baptized on the Gallatin campus earlier in the morning, that day became LH Gallatin’s largest baptism day in the 10 year history. Praise the Lord for it all!! 

July 14, 2015

Whatever it Takes


This is LH Kids volunteer, Charlie. On Sunday, September 14 he walked 2 miles from the Titans game in order to avoid traffic so his wife Hilary could quickly pick him up on the side of the road; all so they could make it to church in time to serve together during the Team PM 4:30 service. That’s the kind of folks who are committed to seeing our kids loved at Long Hollow! C’MON! 

September 16, 2014

Adopted: Into Heaven & on Earth


We celebrated numerous baptisms on our campuses yesterday (Sunday, September 7), praise the Lord! We were especially touched for young Dillon to be baptized by his dad, Charlie in Gallatin.

See, not long ago, Dillon and his two brothers were in an environment that would have made it very difficult for them to learn about Jesus, much less accept Him into their hearts. But then, God prompted Charlie and his wife, Kinsley, to join with Jonah’s Journey and welcome all three boys into their home. We celebrate with the Smith family now, because these brothers have recently been legally adopted into this Jesus-loving family!

Can we even believe we get to witness, much less take part in God’s incredible Redemption Story, Church? Incredible!

September 8, 2014

Moses & the Burning Bush: Preschool Style


Brock has been wearing his burning bush hat all day! He came out of Sunday school and immediately told me all about Moses and the burning bush. Thank you for all that you do for our preschoolers!

-Mother of Brock, Preschooler at our Hendersonville Campus

March 10, 2014