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Grace Oasis: A Home of Freedom

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Long Hollow’s anti-trafficking partner, Rescue 1 Global received the keys to a property that will serve as a safe home for minors who have been trapped in the sex industry. It is the first of its kind in the state of Tennessee! It is called “Grace Oasis.” This safe home will provide a place of hope and freedom. Freedom from bondage. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from a life in fear. It will serve as a place of refuge, restoration and redemption.  The Grace Oasis Aftercare Program will incorporate psychological, educational, social, physical, and spiritual programs into every day life at the home, all with the understanding that true freedom is only found through the love of Christ.

Grace Oasis is set to open in January, yet it’s still in need of many things before it can begin ministering to those in need. There are several ways you can get involved in partnering with Grace Oasis! If you would like to learn about the needs of the home and how you can help, please check out this link!

For more information or questions email:


November 3, 2015

The Nations are Here


This summer an incredible group of interns flooded our campuses with passion and drive to reach people to Jesus. Here’s a story from one of our Missions’ interns:

The smell of spices and cigar smoke filled T’s apartment. T proudly showed me her new furniture given to her by donors. We laughed and carried on conversation about her new life in America and her previous life back home in Iraq. I remember closing my eyes for a second and almost believing that I was in a home deep in the heart of the Middle East. How was I in my hometown of Nashville? T is a believer. She moved to America because of religious persecution in Iraq. She received an education and had a great job back home, but moving to America is like starting all over again.

I had the opportunity to meet with T a couple of times this summer to help her with her English. You know, Matthew 19:24 says to preach the Gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation. There are 7,000 different tongues on this earth and so many people who have never heard the name of Jesus. It can be easy to stay still and comfortable, frozen because we don’t know how to even begin such a task. Often, when I think about fulfilling this commandment I picture a foreign mission field with zero Gospel witness anywhere. I’m learning, however, that the picture that I usually have is not the only mission field there is. Did you know that there are over 60,000 refugees living in Tennessee? The majority have moved here from countries where preaching in the name of Jesus is illegal, and as a result so many know nothing about Jesus that is actually true.

T’s friend, SJ, came over to join us for dinner. SJ has been living in Nashville for a few years now. He grew up in a Muslim family but no longer identifies himself with Islam. SJ has been searching for the truth ever since he began to have troubling dreams. These dreams have haunted him and despite all the searching he’s done, he has yet to find anyone who wanted to talk to him about these dreams. As T made dinner, SJ began sharing his dreams with me. They all had uncanny similarities to bible stories. One of them stood out to me the most.

“In my dream Jesus was carrying heavy wood on his back (the cross). There were crowds of people on both sides of Him, but no one was helping Him. I looked at Jesus and I couldn’t understand why no one was helping him. I ran to Him to carry the cross for Him so He could just walk beside me, but when I put it on my shoulders the weight was too much. I fell to the ground because the cross was too heavy for me.”

MJ has shared his dreams with priests and friends before, but until that evening no one had ever been able to tell him the meaning of his dream. His dream was so clear to me and that night God gave me the words to tell Him the meaning. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to go to seminary or be any sort of expert on the bible to share the Gospel with someone. All that is needed is to look at them and tell them that they are not able to carry the weight of their sin any longer and that they will always fall down while trying. Jesus is the only one who can carry the weight of the cross for us. There are so many more people searching just like SJ. Jesus is going before us and preparing the hearts of people – right here in Nashville.


Once I heard these wise words, “You never know who is standing on the other side of your obedience.” I think this is so true in refugee ministry because you truly have no idea how far the Gospel will spread because of your obedience. You may be reaching one family or a whole village deep in the middle east – both equally important because either way souls are being written in the book of LIFE. I pray that SJ will continue to be troubled enough by his dreams to seek the truth even more. I pray that God will place people in his path who will share the Gospel with him. I pray that soon seeds will come to fruition and He will let Jesus carry his cross for him. Will you pray? And will you do more than pray? Go into the harvest. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” – Jesus (Matthew 9:37-38)

We partner with a ministry called World Relief in Nashville. They resettle hundreds of refugees in Nashville every year.  If people want to get involved or have questions they can email

September 10, 2015

The Impact of One Week: Student Camp

Camp Share 2015 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Student Summer Camp 2015 was a year of change and the unknown. It was also one that will forever be remembered by the lives that were changed in unexpected ways. We prayed for the Lord to pour out His love and for His Kingdom to reign at Shorter University. As you see in this video, He exceed what we could have ever hoped or imagined.

July 7, 2015

LHBC in NYC: Mobilizing Ministry


God is at work in New York City, and Long Hollow members are joining in.

Butch and Maribeth, a part of the Long Hollow family, are with the North American Mission Board in New York City and serving this summer as the City Coach to 53 NAMB GenSend college interns, of which our very own, Ashton Redden, is one.

Gordon Baines, a Long Hollow member and NextGen director of Final Command Ministries, a strategic missions partner of Long Hollow, along with Long Hollow missions intern, Ryan O’Neal, had the opportunity to visit Butch and Maribeth Burns this past week in Brooklyn, NY. Gordon and Ryan trained these students in Discovery Bible Study and Disciple Making Movements this past Wednesday, as they prepare to canvas their areas in NYC with the gospel.

“We can’t wait to hear the stories,” said Ryan O’Neal. “These interns really caught the vision and many of them said they were incredibly thankful of learning about the DBS, and excited to use it.”

After just a couple of days, already a team of NAMB interns experienced the Discovery Bible Study as a team to practice, and others were identifying people in their community, including a single mom, that they could walk in discovering God through His Word with the DBS.

From waving at locals in the streets of Brooklyn to meeting with church planters in coffee shops to overseeing 53 NAMB GenSend interns, Butch and Maribeth are in full stride serving the Lord in New York City. God is using them tremendously in a city where only six percent of the population is evangelical Christians, which has increased over the past few years.

In addition, Cullen Hicks is in New York City with Metro New York Baptist Association (MNYBA), serving as an intern working alongside a church planter in Queens.

The Long Hollow family is incredibly grateful for Butch, Maribeth, Ashton, and Cullen’s obedience and willingness, as they are a witness to us all.

As for the NAMB summer interns that Gordon and Ryan were able to train in DBS and DMM, this is just the beginning for them as they walk with the diverse community of New York City in discovering the God of the Bible. Pray for God’s Word to speak, bring dead souls to life, and to transform this city.

If you want to read and learn more about Butch and Maribeth Burns’ ministry, as well as many other Long Hollow Baptist Church missionaries go to

If you want to know more about what God is doing through Discovery Bible Study and Disciple Making Movements, consider attending the Disciple Making Movements Experience July 16-17, 2015 at our Hendersonville campus.  Visit for more details.

July 1, 2015

“They will love you just as much.”

Bayya Lundy

Erica Hundley is a Long Hollow member who led a team to Haiti last month (June 2014). During this trip, their team experienced something extra special! Check out her story below:

In the middle of the day, our team heard a lot of cheering, and they finally figured out that a new 15 year old girl was being brought to Lundy, the orphan village. The cheering was being made by the other girls her age at Lundy that were welcoming her in, making her bed, hugging her, etc. Her name is Bayya (seen above), and she was found on the streets by the UN. After her mother passed away, she walked for miles to Jeremie, Haiti to look for possible distant relatives. After wandering around for several weeks without finding anyone, the UN brought her to Lundy. The only thing she had were the clothes on her back, so our team put together a bag full of new shorts and t-shirts for her. After we gave them to her, the girls her age kept saying, “See, they take care of us here. They love us, and they will love you just as much.

It was an amazing thing for our team to see, and amazing to see that the girls at Lundy have learned how to share God’s love so well!

July 8, 2014

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