Stories from "Special Needs"

Well Worth the Time


Long Hollow member and Special Needs volunteer Casey S. shares her weekly experience in this touching story:

It is an absolute treat to get to hang out with the kids in the lhkidz Special Needs classroom every week. Each little person is uniquely wired to somehow make your day a million times brighter than when you first walked in the doors. Whether it’s a big, bright smile with an excited greeting, a bear hug, or getting to see them worship in their own way with true reckless abandon while visiting “big church for live music”, the whole experience is guaranteed to be a spirit-lifter.

Over the past two years these kids have taught me so much about what it looks like to freely love others like Jesus does. My buddies are incredibly special and will forever have a piece of my heart. I’m beyond grateful for them, their sweet families, and this incredible ministry! I would highly encourage anyone who has the slightest curiosity about serving in this ministry to stop in to meet the kids and volunteers, ask questions, & join in on the fun! It’s well worth your time and energy!

March 27, 2014

They Get It


Every Sunday, no matter what the day throws at me, I come home with an overflowing heart. Always.

I usually take two of my Special Needs boys to service to hear the music (they’re real big on their music). They are usually pretty quiet- sure to observe every light, person, movement, and noise in the worship center. During last week’s service though, one of the boys started humming quietly. He had no idea that I was paying such close attention to him, but with each song his humming got louder and eventually turned into singing- beautiful, beautiful singing. When the last song started and he began to recognize the melody, he started jumping, laughing, and clapping before quickly joining in- with his entire heart {pure, reckless abandon}. He sang that old hymn about God’s goodness and faithfulness to the top of his lungs and danced in excitement while I was trying my hardest to hold back tears. He gets it.

Those moments- the moments when my boys are genuinely worshipping in their own way unaware of their observers- those are my absolute favorite. Being able to witness that particular sweet exchange between one of my boys & God was completely overwhelming and left my heart overflowing with joy. I KNOW that all of heaven was applauding and rejoicing with him.

I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude that I got to experience that little glimpse of heaven for a brief moment.

March 27, 2014

Special Needs Volunteer Quote

Like every mission trip the Lord has allowed me to participate in to be a blessing to people, including children in foreign lands, I am blessed more than they are through my serving and I feel the same way about being able to love and care for children with Special Needs at Long Hollow.


Todd, LH Member & lhkidz Special Needs Volunteer | Hendersonville
March 27, 2014