Stories from "QUEST"

God’s Multiplication at QUEST


Lyndy Thompson was an adult sponsor for QUEST this year. She is a member at Long Hollow whose family attends our Hendersonville campus.

This year was my first experience attending Quest. I was grouped with two amazing college girls and we had a group of sweet, energetic 6th grade girls for the weekend.

Our service project assignment was collecting canned foods for our church pantry. On that cloudy Saturday afternoon, we met many unanswered doors and the girls started to seem a little disappointed. We only had a few cans. As our time quickly got away from us, we turned down a cul de sac to make our last run before heading back to the bus. As we walked down the sidewalk a car pulled in a nearby driveway so we met the woman at her car to ask for a donation. She told us she was only there to let the homeowner’s dog out so we thanked her and went on our way.

We collected a few cans in the cul de sac, but not as many as we had hoped. As we started back to the bus, the girls seemed a little down about the number of cans we had. I said girls, if God can multiply loaves of bread and fish from a boy’s lunch to feed thousands surely He’ll multiply a can of cream of chicken soup, too. Within seconds, the woman we had approached earlier yelled for us to come back because the homeowner was home now and wanted to make a donation.

We collected about 40 cans from this one generous lady, which was more than we had collected from the rest of the route.

As we carried our cans back to the bus, one of our girls reminded me of what I said right before the woman flagged us down – with wide eyes she said, God did what you said, He multiplied our donations!

I stopped walking and just stood there on the sidewalk for a minute. It was such a God-filled moment.

In the excitement of getting that unexpected, generous donation, I almost forgot to give God the credit. This experience was unforgettable and proves that when we follow God’s leading, He will always be honored. If we do things in obedience, He’ll make what we do even bigger every time!


March 10, 2014