Real Life: Bobby Proctor

After spending most of his life drinking to cope with feelings of self-hate and shame, Bobby entered a period of reclusiveness. When he realized he didn’t want everything that he’d done to be his legacy, he came to Celebrate Recovery at Long Hollow where he learned that God really cared about him (mistakes and all) and met people who genuinely loved him.

November 5, 2019

Real Life: Christina Underwood

Christina spent most of her life feeling like God simply tolerated her. After years of indulging in self destructive behavior and putting up a facade, she found herself in a place willing to do anything to make the pain stop. One night, after deciding not to follow through on a plan to take her own life, she told God that He had to either show up or get out. The next day Christina walked into an unfamiliar church and met the God who had been trying to show her that He loved her and was pursuing her all along.

If you or someone you know needs help, here are a couple of resources:

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Text the word CONNECT to 741741 from anywhere in the US to reach a crisis counselor with the Crisis Text Line.

October 28, 2019

Real Life: Justin Greer

For a majority of Justin’s life, he’s struggled with anxiety and depression. While God has worked in some incredible ways in his life to bring Justin through some of those struggles, he still deals with anxiety on a weekly basis. Even in those moments, God is present walking with Justin.

October 22, 2019

Sharing the Gospel

LHI has been impacting my life profusely. I have absolutely loved combining learning and the acquisition of knowledge with the pursuit of the gospel and sharing Jesus with those around me. It has continually convicted me, opened my eyes, and helped me to better understand others. I also have enjoyed building community and relationships with people who have a similar desire to learn within my classes that I would otherwise not know. LHI has motivated me to be intentional with every relationship and seek out opportunities to share the Gospel with others, as well as seek to better understand other cultures, people groups, & religions in order to better live for Jesus.

Julianna | All Campuses
July 22, 2019

Out of College for 25 Years

“I have loved not only discussing the Scripture itself, but also learning more about the sources, background, and history that adds even more depth to what I’ve read before. I’ve been able to share what I’m learning with my D-Group and my family, and it has led to some great discussions. Writing papers after being out of college for 25 years was a little intimidating but I survived that! It has been such a great learning experience and challenge. I can’t wait for next semester!”

Ann | All Campuses
July 22, 2019

Not Smart Enough for Theology

“My friends bought the lie that they weren’t smart enough to take a theology class. Paralyzed by fear, they entered cautiously. Then it happened! As the teaching blossomed in their understanding so did they. The concern was never about getting an A, rather getting IT! Now we’re bold, confident, and equipped to talk to anyone at any time about the most beautiful narrative that has the power to pierce and transform ANY life. The harvest is ripe, and we’re humbly equipped to gather from it with boldness and compassion.”

Christine | All Campuses
July 22, 2019

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