Start the New Year With 21 Days of Devotion

Did you know that God enjoys your company? God doesn’t need us and didn’t have to create us, but He chose to and He invites us into His presence to spend time with Him. That’s so incredible! How much effort and time are we spending to grow closer to God, to know Him more and to spend time with Him?

This January, we want you to embark on a 21 day journey of prayer and fasting with us to experience God and start a new rhythm of life. Send a text to the number below, and beginning January 9 we'll send you daily prompts to read, pray, and reflect on the ways God loves you and wants to work in your life.

Text DEVOTION22 to 98173

The theme for our 21 day journey together is “There is More." Week one of our three week journey will focus on repentance and being emptied of ourselves. Week two will focus on being anointed and filled by God with the Holy Spirit. Week three will close our journey as we focus on being empowered and serving the Lord for His glory.

You can download the full 21 day journey here, or sign up today by texting the number above. Be sure to follow us on our social channels for more encouragement and resources for the 21 Days of Devotion throughout the month.

Week 1: Empty

Week 2: Anoint

Week 3: Empower