The Man Up Challenge

All Campuses  |  Published on October 25, 2020


Get in on the Man Up Challenge or check out the messages from Man Up!

The Man Up Challenge is simple. Find two or three other guys and challenge them to read one chapter of Matthew a day with you over the next 28 days, and meet up once a week to talk about it.

To take the challenge, text “MAN UP” to 615-488-8212.

As you’re talking about what you’ve read, you may find yourself unsure about what kinds of questions to ask about the text or about your group’s experience reading it. Use questions like this to guide you:

  1. What has stuck out to you in your reading of Matthew this week?
  2. What things do you find pull your attention away from God?
  3. Is there something you need us to hold you accountable to as a group?
  4. How can we pray for each other?

Each week you will read the following:

Week 1: Matthew 1-7
Week 2: Matthew 8-14
Week 3: Matthew 15-21
Week 4: Matthew 22-28

We will be helping you along the way, too. Throughout the month when your group is meeting, we will send you periodic updates, encouragements, and check-ins. If there is any way we can help you, feel free to reach out to Dylan Young at

We’re so excited to see how God will use this challenge in your life and in the lives of the men you’re growing with over the next month.

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