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Long Hollow Institute exists to equip, encourage, and edify the members of the body of Christ.

Launching February 21, 2018, classes at the Long Hollow Institute will equip you to live out your calling in whatever area God has you, whether that’s in business, or the arts, or as a stay-at-home parent. These seminary-style classes can be applied toward a Long Hollow Institute certificate (there is no education prerequisite to enroll). All Long Hollow members, attendees, and those in the surrounding communities are invited to enroll in a class this spring.

Spring 2018 Classes:

Old Testament Survey 1 – An introduction to the history, background, literature, and religion of the Old Testament books, focusing on the Law and History in Genesis to Chronicles and the Wisdom Literature of Job to Ecclesiastes. The course will be presented in two sections. It is recommended (though not necessary) that students complete the sections in order.

Old Testament 1 does not have a required textbook, but the following book is recommended. The instructor will use it for this class and Old Testament 2, which will be taught in the fall.

Arnold, Bill and Bryan Beyer. Encountering the Old Testament: A Christian Survey. 3rd edition. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2015.

New Testament Survey 1 – New Testament Survey introduces students to the biblical text, literary structure, cultural and historical background, and theological concepts found in the New Testament, with an overarching emphasis on developing an understanding of, and personal response to, the person of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. The course will be presented in two sections. It is recommended (though not necessary) that students complete the sections in order.

This is the required textbook for New Testament 1 and New Testament 2, which will be taught in the fall.
We advise purchasing it now so that you will have it on the first night of class, February 21. It can be found wherever you normally purchase books.

Carson, D. A., and Douglas J. Moo. An Introduction to the New Testament. 2nd edition. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 2005.

Theology 1 – As believers in Christ we have been called to “contend for the faith that was delivered to the saints once for all” (Jude 3, CSB). Every Christian should be able to define and defend that body of truth committed to our care by God. To do this effectively, God’s people must be equipped to distinguish truth from error, sound doctrine from false doctrine. Arranging Christian doctrines systematically equips the believer to interpret and apply Scripture for personal growth in Christ and to develop an informed biblical world view.

In this course students will discover and learn to apply the great doctrinal truths of God’s infallible and inerrant Word. In Theology 1, students will be introduced to the doctrines of God, Revelation, and Humanity. Theology 2 will introduce students to the doctrines of Christ, Sin, and Salvation. Theology 3 will focus on the doctrines of the Holy Spirit, the Church, and Last Things. The course will be presented in three sections. It is recommended (though not necessary) that students complete the sections in order.

These are the two required textbooks for Theology 1 and the two theology classes being offered during the fall.We advise purchasing them now so that you will have them on the first night of class, February 21. They can be found wherever you normally purchase books.

Erickson, Millard. Introducing Christian Doctrine, Third Edition, edited by L. Arnold Hustad. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2015. Grudem, Wayne.

Bible Doctrine (abridged from Systematic Theology), edited by Jeff Purswell. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1999.

Missions – There is confusion about Christian mission. From international orphan care to street corner evangelism, many people have an opinion as to what constitutes Christian mission. This course examines the biblical and theological foundation of Christian mission. Come learn how to align any personal conviction with God’s mission since God has given us a variety of wonderful opportunities to engage in true, biblical Christian mission.

Classes will meet on Wednesdays (starting February 21) from 6:15-7:45 p.m. in the upstairs rooms at the Long Hollow Hendersonville Campus, 3031 Long Hollow Pike. Each class will meet for eight weeks of instruction and one week of exams, with the week of March 28 off for spring break. The cost per class is $100. Each class is available to audit as well, but the class fee remains the same.

If you have any questions, email John Steen at john.steen@longhollow.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take a class in the Long Hollow Institute? The LHI exists to equip, encourage, and edify the body of Christ so that you can more fully live out God’s calling in your life. The classes are designed so that no matter what your age or stage of life you can learn, grow, and be better prepared to go and do what God is calling you to do.

How do I sign up for a class? Click the link above and complete the simple 3 step process: register, pick a class, and pay the $100.

Can I take a class just to learn, without worrying about assignments or an exam? Yes, this option is available for you to “audit” the class.

If I audit a class do I still need to pay? Yes, the class fee is $100 whether you audit it or decide to do the assignments.

How much does a class cost? Each 9-week class is only $100 plus cost of textbooks. You can purchase textbooks wherever you normally purchase your books. We will not have the textbooks available at the church.

Can I get a refund if I sign up and cannot attend my class? If you request a refund before classes begin, you can get a refund. However, after classes begin, we cannot issue a refund.

How many classes can I take at a time? During this spring term our classes all occur at the same time in different classrooms so you will only be able to take one class.

Are there any prerequisites for taking a class? No, there are no educational prerequisites for taking any LHI classes.

How will I know which class to take? All our classes are stand-alone classes. This simply means that you can take whichever class you are interested in at that time. Some subjects are divided into several courses (such as New Testament 1, New Testament 2, etc.). Each course, however, will be a stand-alone class; they do not have to be taken sequentially.

What does seminary-style instruction mean? Will I get credit toward a seminary degree? Seminary-style means it will be an engaging lecture format with classroom discussion about topics that are usually taught in seminary. No, you will not get credit towards a seminary degree. Currently our classes are non-accredited classes.

Will the classes be offered online as well? No, our classes are designed to be taught in the classroom by live instructors who in turn can engage and facilitate discussions, and hopefully nurture a community of learners.

Who are the instructors? Some of our classes will be taught by a Long Hollow staff member. However, some will be taught by other qualified individuals who have at least earned a Master’s degree. All of our instructors are active members of our church.

When can I get a copy of the class syllabus? Each instructor will distribute the class syllabus on the first night of class.

If I cannot take a class this term, will I be able to take classes at another time of year? Will I be behind? We will offer classes this fall with the same 9-week design. Our fall schedule for 2018 will be in 2 terms of classes. The first term of classes will be Wednesday, August 8th through Wednesday, October 3rd. The second term of classes will be Wednesday, October 17th through December 19th (we will not meet the week of Thanksgiving). If you cannot take classes until the fall, you will not be behind. However, you will have a different set of classes to choose from at that time.

Is there something for my children to do while I am in class at the Long Hollow Institute? Yes, all of our age-level ministires (preschool through high school) will open and available to minister to your children.

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