France – Mission Trip


Trip Details

  • July 11-21, 2019
  • Location: France
  • Type of Trip: Community Outreach, Evangelism
  • Cost: approx. $2000
  • Sign Up Deadline: May 1, 2019
Trip Full

This team will partner with France Pour Christ through 100% connecT for street evangelism, children’s activities, and social events.  They will participate in worship services, Bible teaching, training, prayer time, and fellowship with other believers from North America, Africa, and Europe.

According to France Pour Christ’s Director, Jeannot Gauggel, 4,000 French citizens are converting to Islam and another 1,000 are defecting to Syria each year. The French protestant evangelicals make up only 1-2% of their population. The non-Christian French population tend to view evangelical  believers are a cult.

We will also work with the local church partner to help them disciple their congregation and teach them how to grow disciples who make disciples.

For more information, please email