Central Asia – Mission Trip


Trip Details

  • October 2-10, 2020
  • Location: Central Asia
  • Type of Trip: Evangelism
  • Cost: $1500
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This city is found nestled between Europe and Asia. Islam rules the nation with over 73 million people who follow the faith- this is a staggering 96% of the population. For over 1,000 years the region thrived with evangelicals but it later became a driving force for Islamic religion. The location along the ancient Silk Road routes have connected it deeply to Islam for centuries. The Christian population has declined with only 0.008% of people being evangelical. Few of the 73 million Muslims have ever truly heard the gospel. 

The city is considered 99% Muslim (whether religiously or culturally), with the younger generation more so professing to be agnostic or atheist. On this trip, the team will focus on reaching college students and young adults since it’s a vibrant city for university study. The goal is to engage people in relationships or invest further in existing ones. Our missionary partners operate a local community center, using English conversation classes, game nights, meals, holiday celebrations, etc. in order to build these relationships that lead to gospel conversations. The missionary team seeks to live out the 1 Thessalonians 2:8 principle – to love the people so much that they not only share the good news with them, but their entire lives as well. 

If you are interested in this trip and would like to receive more information, you can contact trip leader Laramie James at laramiejames82@gmail.com or our missions department at missions@longhollow.com