Sumner County School – Outreach


Opportunity Details

  • Type of Opportunity: Local Outreach, School Outreach
  • Location: Sumner County Schools
  • Contact: Bill Davis
Begin Here!

We want Life Groups to care for all 46 schools in our county. Teachers and administrators are among the most valuable members of our community, and we want to provide support for them in a tangible way.

Below is a list of  Sumner County Schools that need a Life Group partnership

-Anderson Elementary
-Beech High
-Gareview Elementary
-Indian Lake Elementary
-Lakeside Elementary
-Merroll Hyde
-Oakmont Elementary
-Portland West Middle
-Station Camp Elementary
-Station Camp Elementary
-Walton Ferry Elementary
-Westmoreland Elementary
-Westmoreland High
-Westmoreland Middle
-Wiseman Elementary