Men of Valor


Opportunity Details

  • Type of Opportunity: Local Outreach, Prison Ministry
  • Location: Sumner County Jail & Trousdale County Prison
  • Contact: Danny Spano

In order to access prisons, you must attend an annual volunteer training provided by the Tennessee Dept. of Corrections and/or Core Civic.

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While many men leave prison intending to live differently, most do not have the skills, resources, or support to establish a new life. Their histories are filled with poverty-stricken childhoods; dysfunctional, abusive, or absent parents; and drug and alcohol abuse. Very few leave prison in better shape than when they entered. When released from prison, a man who expires his sentence receives $75. A man released on probation or parole receives $35. He is also given khakis, a white shirt, and a bus ticket, if he needs it, to anywhere in Tennessee. Most men simply have nowhere to go. Employment prospects are virtually nonexistent for felons, and bridges to family members have often been burned. These men end up returning to their old neighborhoods and falling back into the same life that led them to prison.

Men of Valor knows consistent encouragement, support, accountability, and training are the keys to shaping these men into productive, responsible citizens who become good husbands and fathers. There is a need for men to lead a D-group within the prison, mentor, or share your testimony or area of expertise.

Valor Ridge was created as a transitional home for the men leaving prison who are a part of the Men of Valor program. 

There is an urgent need for volunteers to assist the residents of Valor Ridge. Below are the ways you can jump in!

Drivers: If you would be willing to provide transportation for some of the Valor Ridge residents during the week, help is needed from 7am-4pm, Monday thru Friday.  Men of Valor is looking for people who can be available at their Valor Ridge Campus for a 3-4 hour block of time every week.  This is a great way to connect with the men and encourage them while you drive them to and from parole meetings or medical appointments. Please contact Darnell Ford if you are interested in serving:

Tutors: Men of Valor is in need of tutors to work with a couple of the men in the program who are struggling with literacy. Please contact Anthony Charles if you are interested in serving:

Mentors: Men of Valor is in need of 1 on 1 mentors for clients in the Aftercare program – the meeting times are determined by you and the mentee. Please contact Tevin Peterson if you are interested in mentoring: