Jonah’s Journey


Opportunity Details

  • Type of Opportunity: Foster Care, Prison Ministry
  • Contact: Kim Zimmerman

To donate, please drop off at the Living Room on Sunday mornings or at the church office during the week!

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Jonah’s Journey is a unique state-licensed nonprofit child placing agency in
Middle Tennessee. Jonah’s Journey specializes in not only interim care of children but in the mentorship of incarcerated moms. The goal is to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ through a mentoring relationship with the mom as her baby is cared for during incarceration. Jonah’s Journey caregivers are volunteers who complete a home study and training, certifying them to become Jonah’s Journey families. Moms, who are primarily at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville, voluntarily place their infants with Jonah’s Journey. This affords them an opportunity to develop a relationship with their children and to develop healthy plans for reunification upon release.

There is a consistent need for diapers, wipes and gift cards. Jonah’s Journey uses gift cards for Walmart/Target to help the mothers get the essential things they need when they are released from prison. They also use gas cards to give to caregivers who travel long distances to homes and prison facilities.