Little Acts of Joy

LH Kids is challenging your family to share the joy this Christmas season! We have come up with some ideas to get you started, but feel free to get creative and come up with some of your own! We would love to see some of the ways your family shared Little Acts of Joy, so post on your social media accounts and tag us at #LHKids and #LHKidsActsofJoy.

  • Invite someone over for dinner. 

  • Host a Christmas movie night with neighbors. 

  • Write letters to drop off at people's doors.
  • Write letters or draw cards for our local missions partners. 

  • Give a simple gift to someone that needs a pick me up. 

  • Take a neighbor's dog for a walk. 

  • Help your parents carry groceries in or help an elderly neighbor. 

  • Play with someone new at school. 

  • Host a funny costume parade in your neighborhood.
  • Create a caroling group. 

  • Bake and take cookies to community helpers. 

  • Eat lunch with someone new at school or someone who is sitting alone.
  • Send a note of appreciation to someone special in your life. 

  • Put a tip into the tip jar at the coffee shop along with a small card with an uplifting message.