LHI Certificate Requirements

The mission of Long Hollow Institute (LHI) is to equip, encourage, and edify believers in order to better fulfill God’s calling in their lives to Know God, Find Community, Make Disciples, and Change the World. LHI is designed so that all students will be able to obtain a strong biblical foundation as well as focus on an area that appeals to their spiritual giftedness and liking. Enrolling in LHI and taking a class for credit gives each student an opportunity to earn a Long Hollow Institute certificate. The LHI certificate will take approximately 3 years (a total of 12 classes) to complete.

In order to complete the requirements for a LHI certificate, each student will take the ten Core Curriculum classes and two electives of their choice. Core Curriculum is the biblical and theological foundation for each student. The elective classes are offered on a variety of subjects. Elective classes are options that students can take based on what interests them or how it pertains to what they are involved in regarding their giftedness, family, ministry, etc.

Core Curriculum:

  • New Testament 1 & 2 (2 Hours)
  • Old Testament 1 & 2 (2 Hours)
  • Theology 1, 2, & 3 (3 Hours)
  • Spiritual Disciplines (1 Hour)
  • Bible Exposition (1 Hour)
  • Introduction to Christian Missions (1 Hour)
    Possible Electives
  • Apologetics
  • Bible Engagement for Women
  • Bible Exposition 2 (Bible Exposition 1 taken for credit is a prerequisite)
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christian Leadership
  • Church History
  • Missional Work: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work
  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  • Practical Ministry
  • Women’s Discipleship