LHI Certificate Requirements

The mission of Long Hollow Institute is to equip, encourage, and edify believers in order to better fulfill God’s calling in their lives. LHI is designed so that all students will be able to obtain a strong biblical foundation as well as focus on an area that appeals to their spiritual giftedness and liking. Enrolling in LHI gives each student an opportunity to earn a Long Hollow Institute certificate. The LHI certificate will take approximately 3 years (a total of 12 classes) to complete.

In order to complete the requirements for a LHI certificate, each student begins by selecting a track that interests them. Each track consists of the Core Curriculum classes, track classes, and elective classes. The Core Curriculum is the biblical and theological foundation that each student would receive no matter which track they chose. These Core Curriculum classes will take two years to complete on the current Wednesday night schedule. Track and elective classes take one year to complete.

Core Curriculum:

  • New Testament 1 & 2 (2 Hours)
  • Old Testament 1 & 2 (2 Hours)
  • Theology 1, 2, & 3 (3 Hours)
  • Spiritual Disciplines (1 Hours)

Specialized Tracks

A track is a specialized area of study in which a student would like to focus. In order to complete a track, each student will complete the two required classes for each track and two electives of their own choosing, based on their own giftedness and interest.

Elective classes are options that students can take based on what interests them or it pertains to what they are involved in regarding their family, ministry, etc.

Know God Track (Biblical Track)
  • Bible Exposition 1
  • Bible Exposition 2
  • 2 Electives

The Know God track is designed to allow students to dig into the Word. It provides students the opportunity to interact with the Word, which enables them to grow in their walk with the Lord.

This track will help equip students to better understand Scripture in its original context. The Know God track will also give students the tools to prepare a biblical message to teach or preach. The Know God track is open to students of the Word who want to want to increase in their knowledge and practice of explaining the Word to themselves and others.

Find Community Track (General Track)
  • 4 Electives

The Find Community Track is intended to allow students to find a community of learners within a variety of classes. This track is a more generalized option for our students, as they are given the latitude to be able to explore different options. The Find Community track consists of 4 electives. Therefore, each student can tailor this track to meet their needs based on their age and stage in life as well as what they are most interested.

Make Disciples (Ministry Track)
  • Personal Discipleship and Disciplemaking
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • 2 Electives

The Make Disciples track is intended to give students the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and experience of disciplemaking. This track will instill an understanding of the importance of disciplemaking and will equip them to become a disciple who makes disciples.

Change the World Track (Missions Track)
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Apologetics
  • 2 Electives

The Change the World track provides students the opportunity to understand what missions truly means by discovering how they can impact the world. The Change the World track equips students with the necessary tools to engage in missions locally, nationally and globally.

  • Apologetics
  • Bible Exposition 1
  • Bible Exposition 2
  • Child Development and Spiritual Foundations
  • Creative Communication
  • Christian Ethics
  • Christian Leadership
  • Church History
  • Introduction to Biblical counseling
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Personal Discipleship and Disciple Making
  • Student Ministry
  • Study of a book of the Bible from NT (for example: The book of John)
  • Study of books/sections of the Bible from OT (for example: Pentateuch)
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Worldview