Father’s Day 2024
June 16, 2024

Father’s Day is the day we get to honor the men in our lives who lead our homes, guide our spiritual lives, and teach us the finely-honed art of dad jokes. For some, that’s our dad and for others, it’s an honorary dad like a grandfather, uncle, or coach. Maybe you’re a dad and some days you feel like you’re knocking this fatherhood thing out of the park and other days, not so much. Dads and dudes who dad, we’re grateful for your leadership and the investment you make in your circle of influence. Your legacy matters.

Being a man is hard and being a dad is no easy task. We firmly believe that no man should walk alone. Let us help you find community and support at Long Hollow, no matter where you are in life. Below, you’ll find some Long Hollow support groups and resources that might be helpful.

Expectant Parents - Let us know you’re expecting!

LH Men - Find ways to connect with other men at Long Hollow.

LH Prayer Team & Prayer Requests - Join us to pray or submit a request.

Serve This Summer - Find community and be a force for good at the same time.

55 Plus Ministry - Regular monthly activities and day trips.

LH Support Groups offer many opportunities for care and support. A few of our options are listed below.