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  • December 4-6, 2020
  • Who: Middle + High School Girls
  • Where: Host Homes
  • Campus: All Campuses
  • Cost: $65
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The heart.

Something we draw on the side of our homework.
An emoji we throw in a text message.
A place that holds our deepest feelings, hurts + pains.
An arrow the world tells us to follow.
Something that we throw around or offer up more times than we can count.
An organ that quite literally keeps us alive.

The heart. But who understands it?

So many of us girls let our hearts lead us. We let our feelings be our guide. Piece by piece and moment by moment, we give away our hearts to things that will never satisfy us. Hurt, trauma, relationships, friendships, social media, lies in our head, can block our hearts from experiencing wholeness. Our hearts are divided, distracted or devoted to things other than Jesus. And you know what? The enemy wants us right there. Believing his lies. Feeling less than. Searching for a way to fix our brokenness. But here’s the truth – Jesus wants ALL of our hearts. He wants to make us whole. He wasn’t half-hearted in His pursuit of us. There is nothing He won’t do to show you His love. What does it look like for you to seek God with your whole heart?

Join us at GRLS WKND as we uncover the truths of God’s heart for us + journey through what it really means to love Him with every broken, messy part of our hearts. Our prayer is that you leave whole, with a passionate surrendered heart to Jesus + that He awakens you to feel – experience – know how great His love is for you as His daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is GRLS WKND + is it still happening?
GRLS WKND is still happening (wahoo !!!) + it is still December 4-6th!

So what will it look like this year?
It’s going to be so different, but SO good. We’re taking GRLS WKND into homes all around the community for an intentional “conference style” event. You will have the unique opportunity to be in a family group + experience engaging virtual sessions, coupled with fun in-person parties as well.

So GRLS WKND isn’t at Camp Widjiwagan?
Long answer short – nope, not this year!! Like we said, it will be in host homes with girls your age! But don’t worry – we still have some fun in person surprises for you!!

If it is online + in homes, why do I still need to pay?
Don’t you WORRY. We will have an engaging online/in-person experience with a guest speaker + creative elements that we can’t do without your help! We will provide various meals & snacks & you know we will still have fun elements + gifts in store for you! Your money will help cover your giftbox, after party elements + so much more !!

Caroline’s Bio!!

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Caroline Saunders is a writer, pastor’s wife, and mother of three who believes in taking Jesus seriously and being un-serious about nearly everything else. She loves serving women and girls through writing, through her church, and through a parachurch women’s ministry she started with her best friends called Story & Soul. Her LifeWay Girls study Better Than Life: How to Study the Bible and Like It released Fall 2020. Find her writing, resources, and ridiculousness at and on Instagram @writercaroline.

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