Common Questions About the Legacy Park Project

Where can I find an overview of this project?

You can read about the three goals of the Legacy Park Project and on our Legacy Park overview page.

How long will this project take? When will we start?

Our architectural partners have estimated that this project will take one year to complete from start-to-finish (give or take a few months depending on weather and the availability of materials).

Our building partner broke ground in late 2021.

In what order will the construction take place?

Construction is currently planned to take part in two phases. We’ll begin with the development of the coffee shop, family corridor, lobby enhancements, and the next steps area. Our construction partner is projecting this phase to be complete by the close of 2022.

The second phase will pick up steam shortly after, which focuses on the new outdoor environments. This phase is projected to be complete in the first half of 2023.

How will this impact the use of our campus during construction?

Our members and visitors will definitely be able to tell that construction is taking place, but we’re doing everything we can to limit disturbances to our weekly activities and traffic flow during each phase of construction. For a season, you may see monthly changes to which building entrances are available and slight shifts to interior hallways and traffic. Rest assured that you will be well informed about each of these changes.

Construction is projected to take place so quickly that it will be exciting to see our buildings change on a monthly basis!

How much will this project cost?

The estimate we have from our construction partner places the total cost to build for this project at $9,400,000. With the cash reserves we have currently set aside for a building project, along with our projected 2021 surplus budget and the sale of the Highway 109 property, we expect to pay for $7,600,000 of this project with cash-on-hand. By current estimates*, that means we only need to raise an additional $1,800,000 to pay for the project in its entirety.

*As with any construction project, change orders or unexpected issues could cause the final cost to fluctuate slightly.

Will we go into debt for this project?

As you might know from previous church meetings, we do not want to take on any long-term debt as a church family. However, if necessary, our leadership teams are exploring short-term loans as a manageable option. If that loan becomes necessary, we can pay it off entirely in two years at the current rate that we pay down existing debt.

Our prayer is that our church family will respond with an extra measure of generosity, allowing us to complete this project completely with no debt required.

How is this different than Kingdom Come?

If you were a part of our Kingdom Come Campaign, you might remember that a large portion of this campaign was to build a second major campus along the Highway 109 corridor. The goal was to raise $15,000,000 for this project to cover the first phase of this new campus.

Although the generosity of our people allowed us to complete every other aspect of this campaign (such as funding church plants, local outreach initiatives, and even a Bible translation), a combination of low campaign pledges and dramatically escalating construction costs led us to reconsider the construction aspect of the campaign.

After months of prayerful research with multiple leadership committees and local experts, we believe a major revamp of our campus in Hendersonville is the most cost-effective solution to pave the way for massive growth in the future.

If you were a part of the Kingdom Come Initiative, your generosity did not go to waste! Not only did you fund the incredible ministry projects mentioned earlier, but if you gave to Kingdom Come as part of the Hendersonville Campus then, those remaining gifts are being rolled into this new building project today. It’s because of you that we can confidently invest in the future of our community.