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August 19 - June 1, 2020  |  All Campuses

Homeschool Hangout

This is a time for homeschool students, grades 6th-8th, to come together and hangout at our Hendersonville Student Building. We will have games, snacks, and a time with the middle [...]

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June 28 - July 3, 2020  |  All Campuses

SLU 101

On June 28 through July 3 2020, Shane Sisk will be leading the trip to SLU 101 in Orlando, FL. SLU 101 provides a year’s worth of leadership development in just 4 days. This [...]

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July 13-17, 2020  |  All Campuses

SLU 201

Building on the foundation of personal leadership learned at SLU 101, SLU 201 will put you in the heart of Washington, D.C. and equip you to lead as a citizen and catalyst for [...]


October 25, 2020  |  All Campuses

Man Up 2020

Our Men’s Conference, Man Up, is on October 25 at the Hendersonville Campus Worship Center. This year is going to be the best Man Up event ever, featuring the incredible [...]


January 19 - November 15, 2020  |  All Campuses

LH Kids Baptism Classes

The LH Kids baptism class is designed for elementary students and their parents. The class covers the topic of salvation and baptism and helps children prepare for the next step [...]