Church Planting

Church plantingAs part of our church’s mission to Change the World, we want to be a church that plants other disciple-making churches in our nation and across the globe. Here are the tangible steps we’re taking to make this vision a reality.

Church-Planting Residency

In 2018, Long Hollow will being offering a church-planting residency in an effort to develop and send out families to impact a Send City. If you are interested in this program, please email

Church Planting Pipeline

At Long Hollow we want members to get involved in planting churches. Whether this means praying for a church plant, joining a church plant team, or becoming a church planter, we want to help you through your journey. Please email for more information on the Church Planting Pipeline.

Engaging “Send Cities”

Our strategy to reach North America is to partner with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to reach strategic areas of lostness called “Send Cities.” These 32 cities reflect the greatest spiritual need and potential influence throughout North America, and we want Long Hollow families to be a part of engaging these cities (and eventually planting churches in each by 2032!).

In 2018 we want Long Hollow to simply start visiting these locations. Our goal is for Life Groups, D-Groups, and families to visit each “Send City” in 2018.

Here’s what we would like for these groups to do on their trip:

  • Register your trip as an official “Send City Trip”
  • Enjoy the city. Find out what there is to do in the “Send City” you decide to visit.
  • Visit and tour the city with the NAMB City Missionary. Our Long Hollow Missions Team will help connect you with the City Missionary.
  • Pray for the city’s future church planters.
  • Tell us how your trip was. By registering your trip, we will start connecting with the NAMB City Missionary so your group will be able to meet with them on your trip.

Interested in going to one of these cities? Fill out this form and let us know!

Join us in praying for each of the Send Cities. If you have more questions, or are interested in becoming a church planter in a Send City, email

Supporting Church Plants and Send Cities with Mission Trips

Many of our yearly mission trips provide vital support to existing church plants and instrumental help for future church plants. A list of trips related to church planting and NAMB’s Send Cities will be available soon on our Mission Trips page.