Church Planting

Church planting

As part of our church’s mission to Change the World, we want to be a church that plants other disciple-making churches in our nation and across the globe. Here are the tangible steps we are taking to make this vision a reality.

What are the Focus Areas and how were they chosen?

The North American Mission Board has identified 32 cities in the United States and Canada with great kingdom potential. These cities have high population densities and diversity but maintain a low ratio of churches to people. (1:6,198 – Ratio of Southern Baptist Congregations to population in North America) North American Mission Board Focus Areas.

Church-Planting Residency

Long Hollow offers a church planting residency designed to help church planters learn and implement a Discipleship Pathway, develop a church planting prospectus, raise financial support, and recruit a church planting team. If you are interested in this program, please contact our church planting coordinator Daniel Meadows at

Church Planting Pipeline

At Long Hollow we want members to take part in the church planting process through prayer, joining a church plant team, or becoming a church planter. The North American Mission Board has provided content and curriculum that will help guide you through your journey. Please email our church planting coordinator Daniel Meadows at for more information on the Church Planting Pipeline.

Supporting Church Planters Through Care Teams

Healthy churches are planted by healthy church planting couples. Long Hollow provides care for our church planters across North America by serving them through prayer, taking trips to encourage the pastors and their families, resourcing them, developing creative elements, and so much more. Fill out the form below to learn more about how you can take part in providing vital care to our existing church plants, as well as instrumental help for our future church plants.


Long Hollow Church Plants

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