August Legacy Park Construction Update

As we begin to look toward fall, the changes to our campus through the Legacy Park Project are becoming a lot more obvious. Although the “in-between” state of our buildings might be more prominent than ever, that’s actually a good thing! Much of the marked up walls and exposed foundations you see now are the final step before finishes go on, signs go up, and many of the spaces will be ready to use.

The two most notable changes you’ll see over the next month are paint and decorative elements going up (both inside and outside), and the foundational steel elements being erected for many of the structures in Legacy Park.

Below you’ll find 360-degree images of the progress on Legacy Park and Legacy Coffee. You can view detailed renders of what we expect the finished spaces to look like here.

Legacy Park

Opening in 2023, Legacy Park will feature two levels of covered patio space, an imaginative new playground, a multi-purpose activity courtyard, and intentional areas to relax and connect.

In the 360-degree images below, you can see concrete footers and the first elements of the steel structure for the decks and covered areas beginning to take shape. (View the 360 walkthroughs here if they don’t load on your device.)

Legacy Coffee

When Legacy Coffee opens at Long Hollow, we want it to be a place where you can come with your family, set up for remote work, or study after school. With more than 2,000 square feet of space and fast, free WiFi, Legacy Coffee will offer one of the best environments in our area to work, play, and relax.

Below you’ll find a final 360-degree image of the space before it experiences a radical transformation with decorations and equipment as we approach its launch this fall. (View the 360 walkthrough here if it doesn’t load on your device.)

Thank you again for your faithfulness to give. We’ll keep you updated on further progress as this exciting project continues in the months ahead.