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What is the new vision for Long Hollow?

Based on the Holy Spirit’s leading and our mission and core values, we feel that God is calling us to make three major changes as we enter into the next season of ministry at Long Hollow:

1) We’re shifting from growing only a few locations, to growing you to reach hundreds of locations.

  • We believe the best way to reach our community is to empower you to reach your neighborhood through forming hundreds of strategic Life Groups.
  • We’re consolidating our four existing locations into two major Long Hollow campuses: the existing Hendersonville campus, and an additional large campus in Sumner County (likely on the west side of Gallatin).

2) We’re renewing our commitment to reach the lost and equip our members for ministry.

  • We’re developing a leadership development pipeline for our members to help you live missionally and better reach your school, neighborhood, and workplace.
  • We’re launching a theological school to provide in-depth ministry training.
  • We’re seeking out the best interns both locally and around the country.

3) We’re increasing efforts to develop missionaries and invest in strategic church plants to expand our impact outside of our immediate community.

  • We believe God has called you to be a missionary in your workplace, your neighborhood, and your community.
  • We will plant autonomous churches that share Long Hollow’s Discipleship Pathway and DNA.
  • Many of our future missions efforts will target the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world.

What led to this new vision?

As Pastor Robby mentioned in the Vision Presentation, this decision is the result of months of prayer and exploration with the Lead Team, various advisory boards, and the leadership of each campus.

Though it seemed initially that we should continue the pursuit of a campus-expansion strategy, God continued to close doors to this season in 2016 as He made a new vision obvious to Pastor Robby and the church’s leadership teams. Although change is difficult, we feel confident that the Holy Spirit is guiding our church to this new vision and a new season of growth.

How long will worship services continue in Madison and Springfield?

Our leadership team is prayerfully evaluating a timeline for transition. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

What happens to staff members currently serving at our campuses?

All staff members will be retained, with some shifting to new or similar roles as we look toward the future.

What happens to the buildings in Madison and Gallatin?

The current Gallatin campus will remain in operation until the new campus is completed. Our leadership team is prayerfully evaluating the best use of the Madison facilities and how we can be the best stewards of their ministry potential going forward.

Why another major campus in Sumner County?

Sumner County is expected to grow by 20,000 in the next five years alone. As we follow God’s leading to focus on this community, we believe a second major campus in Sumner County will position us to better accommodate this wave of growth in the future.

When will the new campus open?

Our vision is for the new campus to open in just a few years.

Will both campuses feature live preaching?

Yes. We’re still thinking through the details, but Pastor Robby will likely rotate between campuses and services throughout the day.

Will the new campus have similar ministries and facilities as Hendersonville?

Yes. Although it’s still in the early planning phases, we expect the new campus to feature a large auditorium and versatile facilities for LH Kids and LH Students.

How will we pay for the new campus?

Building another major campus requires both a step of faith and a commitment to faithfulness. We’re praying through the next steps now, and will unveil more details about this new building initiative this fall.

Where can those returning from Madison and Springfield go?

They can worship and serve with our Hendersonville and Gallatin campuses again (our full weekend schedule is available here). Our 8 a.m. service in Hendersonville is a particularly great option, as it has a lot of room to grow. We also encourage our Madison and Springfield members to keep or consider planting a Life Group in their neighborhoods.

I am currently serving at Madison/Springfield… How can I serve now?

We are so grateful that you’re faithful to volunteer! Speak with the ministry lead where you serve now, who will help you serve in a similar capacity when you begin attending at Hendersonville or Gallatin.

I’m ready to reach my neighborhood! Can I start a Life Group now?

Yes! Our Life Groups team has a wealth of resources and training to help you get started. You can learn more about leading a Life Group here.

When will more information about Long Hollow’s Theological School be available?

More information about this exciting new ministry effort will be available shortly. We plan to offer the first classes as soon as this fall.

How can I pray?

Change is exciting, but it can also be confusing. Pray for the continued unity of our church family, for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and that God would continue to keep His hand and blessing on Long Hollow in the days ahead.

I have more questions… Who can I talk to?

You can email Tim LaFleur, one of our Lead Team pastors, with any questions you may have.