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Reach us by Phone

privateThere is always someone available during office hours (8am-4pm M-Th) at both our Hendersonville and Gallatin Campuses. To speak with someone at our Hendersonville campus, please dial (615) 824-4006. To speak with someone at our Gallatin campus, please dial (615) 824-4006 or (615) 452-2859.

Prayer Requests

The fastest way to get your prayer request to the largest number of folks is to submit it through our online prayer wall here. New requests are posted soon after we receive them and will be forwarded along to additional prayer chains.

General Inquiries

Please submit all non-urgent, general inquiries through our contact form here. Please choose the subject closest to your inquiry and fill out the form completely. Your inquiry will immediately be sent to the relevant staff person and you will receive a speedy response.

Please refer to our Contact Us page for more detailed contact information.