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This Side of Freedom

Many of us have heard of the horrors of human trafficking. We know child abuse and exploitation exists, but how close to home do we really believe it happens? In this video, Michele Coomer shares her incredible story that is not only unbelievable because of the trials she endured, but also because of the complete, life-changing freedom she has found in Christ alone.


June 16, 2014

LH Women: Living with Momentum


A month ago, 2500+ women packed out our Hendersonville Worship Center and experienced a time of worship, renewal, challenge, and more like never before at MOMENTUM 2014. We praise the Lord for His work among Long Hollow women, and we pray He would continue to do immeasurably more among us than we can imagine! Check out some of the personal testimonies of our Long Hollow women submitted through a post-event survey, seen below.

MOMENTUM was very inspirational, motivational, and encouraging! I learned so much and realized that there is so much more I can be doing to fulfill my purpose!

From the moment the music began until the very last Amen, the Spirit of God was evident and felt [at MOMENTUM]. Seeing God move in so many women was beautiful! In my own life, God spoke to encourage me to focus on His work and those things that eternal.

I brought a precious woman to MOMENTUM with me who was strung out on drugs. The following week she accepted the Lord with me. Tomorrow she enters The Next Door program that graciously is paying her way through drug rehab! I brought her 9 year old daughter to MOMENTUM, who also accepted the Lord and has joined my Bible study, along with her 12 year old brother who also accepted the Lord! I accepted the mission to be a task force leader for Special Ops with Rescue1 representing the Hillcrest campus, and am currently gathering sponsorship for the 100 meals I’m going to have to provide each Wednesday. I sure could use support and prayer for this!

God has given me a wake-up call. Time to step up and get out of old habits and excuses. God is waiting patiently for me to put my past behind me. He has given me a blessed future! It’s time to move forward with great anticipation as God’s new plan for my life unfolds. 

I enjoyed getting to share the evening with my 15 year old daughter. It was the first event of this kind we’ve attended together and I believe she enjoyed it as much as I did!

I finally got rid of my ‘frogs’! 

MOMENTUM made me more aware of the hurt that is out there in the lives of women and that one person can make a difference!

God opened my mind to the fact that Doubt is my ‘frog’. I have been actively not living one more day that with ‘frog’! 

I have a fuller understanding of what an epidemic slavery is today. I am horrified by the statistics and seeking how God is going to use me to stop this.

It is so easy to get comfortable with your faith. MOMENTUM lit a fire under em and made me want to dig deeper and be bolder for Christ.

At MOMENTUM 2013, God reached out and snatched me. There, I praised God for what He was doing in my life and committed to  Him that I was never turning back. MOMENTUM 2014 was a sweet, sweet reminder of all God has called met o this last year. No more ‘frogs’. No more normalcy. God has called us to so much greater!

One of the main things that resonated with me is that the Church is commanded to be ‘in the world, but not of the world.’ Christine was so right to say that we have gotten it backwards. We are of the world in so many ways and are insulating ourselves to the point that we are not in the world at all. I want to say goodbye to my ‘frogs’ and live in the world as God wants me to live in the world, which is being clothed in love, with a servant’s heart, helping others free themselves of the slavery of sin! This message change my heart and life.

I enjoyed when Christine Caine explained how she and her husband drew a line in the sand when they were married: “Divorce stops with us”. I could relate to that because in my family background there is divorce. I want more for my family; to pass down to my child values and a testimony that marriage is great!

I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit from the beginning to the end. I brought a friend who is really going through difficult emotional times right now. She was so inspired and touched by it all. It was just what she needed. 

At MOMENTUM, I was inspired to get training and to be part of a mission team!

God opened my eyes to others’ pain and suffering like never before.

I have nothing to be afraid of within me! 

I brought 9 women with me. MOMENTUM helped each one: a single mom, married women, divorced, single, and even a friend whose husband walked out 2 weeks ago. The women were ages 21-69. Two are Catholic, some are Long Hollow members, but we have all discussed our ‘frogs’ – a beautiful thing!

MOMENTUM 2014 launched me out of the mire of my past. God showed me that I have been walking into each tomorrow with ‘frogs’ of my past and even though I thought I had forgive those that hurt me, I really had not. I spent a week looking hard at my life, my fears, my heart, my thoughts. In the end, I allowed God to show me how much He loves me and has so much more for me. I was made for more than just a crappy past. I was made for more than fear, feelings of inadequacy, feeling the need to fight for myself, and the need to feel like I must prove myself of having grown out of a negative past. I may walk around saying and doing the right Godly things, but if my heart is not true to my actions and words, it means nothing. Since MOMENTUM, I have given the years of constant negative self-talk to God and each he’s healing me. Only God. Praise Him!

The Lord had been trying to speak to me about a certain issue for almost a month before I attended this event. I went with high expectations of our Lord and Savior and I just knew He was going to speak to my aunt, who came with me. Little did I know that, not only did He speak to my aunt about her ‘frogs’, He completely revealed Himself to ME in such a powerful way that there was no way of denying His Spirit was right within me! He gave me the answer I had been searching for. He answered my prayers and cries of desperation in such a powerful way that I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to continue walking in obedience.  

For the past few months I have felt like God has been telling me that there is more to my life than just living day to day, going to church, and sticking to my routine. I have felt moved to serve, but have been a little afraid and have not known where to start. Christine Caine just helped confirm and give me the courage to move to serve God, to go beyond what I believe is necessary, and to step out of my comfort zone.

Life is too short to not share Jesus with other. Don’t live in fear; take chances and trust that God has a plan and purpose for your life!

God spoke to me through the worship to make me effect on who He is. He spoke through [Christine’s telling of Pharaoh’s choice to live with his plague of frogs]…I know I have a few [frogs of my own] I need God to remove. But I think God spoke to me the strongest about taking risk and the charge she gave us. I know I haven’t taken risks like I need to. I loved it when she said, “It’s not that darkness is more powerful than light, it’s the Us, the Church, have stepped back into our own little comfortable churches.” I don’t want to just exist today, I want to make a difference in this little part of the world God has placed me in. I just want to be obedient to do what He is calling me to do & to look different from the world. 

Since attending MOMENTUM, I have been able to allow myself to let the little things go and remember…GOD is in control! 

I was given the opportunity to spend the evening with my mother-in-law and we both just felt how God was there. 

It was the most beautiful and incredibly moving night! God surrounded that conference. It has spurred us into action and I’m getting rid of those darn ‘frogs’!

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March 19, 2014

Mom + Daughter at Momentum

My daughter, Isabella, and I attended Momentum on Sunday night. All I can say is, “Wow!” I still feel like I just got home from the event! We personally have never been a part of a church where the people move themselves out of the way and let God and the Holy Spirit move. Love this place and its people!


Susan Scappaticci | Hendersonville
February 19, 2014