Are we crazy to attempt such an audacious goal? It certainly seems that way, but we can’t help but look back on what God has already done when we were faithful to give.

In 2009, we embarked upon the Crazy Love Campaign, an initiative to rescue orphans and spread the Good News across the globe. Its $3.5 million dollar goal certainly seemed crazy at the time; however, because of your faithfulness to give, hundreds of orphans have found hope, our student ministry has a new home, and our community was radically impacted by the Gospel.

Our efforts continued through the Compelled and WRECKED Ministry Plans, all the way to last Easter when we raised $1 Million for the RESCUE Offering, and another $750,000 through the WRECKED Offering in the Fall.

Reaching our goals has been a tremendous blessing, but these offerings don’t revolve around impressive financial milestones… They’re about building an orphanage in India for children ravaged by AIDS. They’re about fighting the horrors of sex trafficking in Thailand, and reaching out to refugees in Nashville.

They’re about our church body coming together to give toward a crazy, God- sized goal and radically impacting the world with the Gospel.

Let’s continue the trend this Easter, lock arms together as a church family, and give more than we ever have before. Let’s commit to joining God where He’s working across the globe to push back the darkness in 2014.

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How will the Easter Offering be used?

Your gifts to this year’s Easter Offering will be used in eight strategic initiatives throughout 2014: