Volunteer Development Meeting

All Campuses  |  Published on March 8, 2017


As a volunteer in Guest Services, you will have the opportunity to help change the world by connecting people on a Pathway to Christ, build community among other volunteers, and play a vital role in first impressions.

What’s my next step for volunteering in Guest Services?

Whether you have been volunteering for 20 years or looking to volunteer for the first time, your next step to volunteer in Guest Services is to come to a Volunteer Development Meeting at your campus. We will talk about the reasons why we serve and the vision for the future in Connections Ministry. The next meetings are Sunday, March 26, in Hendersonville and Wednesday, March 29, in Gallatin. Please RSVP using the links to the right.

Hendersonville Volunteer Teams:

Parking, Shuttle Driver, First Time Guests, Greeter, Usher, Java Central & Resource Central

Gallatin Volunteer Teams:

Parking, Greeter, Usher & Java Central

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