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As we journey through our Real Love series, we know there are lots of questions about marriage, sex, relationships, and parenting. While we can’t answer each question individually, we wanted to provide a space to share helpful resources for you to consult as you walk through this season of life.













Professional Help

Web and Content Filters

  • Covenant Eyes
    Covenant Eyes is a great tool for D-Groups and accountability partners to keep an eye on web activity across a variety of devices. It actively monitors screen activity, sites visited, and videos watched, and provides a trusted partner with a transparent list of that activity for healthy conversation and discussion.
  • OpenDNS
    OpenDNS is a free service that you can set up with your home’s WiFi router to block certain websites and categories of sites. Remember, it only filters internet content that’s accessed over WiFi; it does not filter the content accessed over cellular internet connections.
  • Circle
    Circle is a device that works alongside your WiFi router to control the content that’s accessible by various devices in your home. It’s similar to OpenDNS, but allows you to filter content only on kids devices (for instance).
  • VidAngel
    VidAngel is a subscription service that works alongside of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. For many shows and movies, it can filter out profanity, nudity, sex scenes, and other innapropriate content.
  • Mobicip
    Mobicip is a subscription service that you can install on all of your child’s devices to filter and block content at the device level. Whether its a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Mobicip can limit screentime, block categories of content, and block entire sites entirely. It also sends detailed reports to parents of activity and web searches, and children can request access to certain sites on a case-by-case basis. This is a great solution for kids and teens devices since it filters content at home, on other networks (like friend’s houses), and over cellular connections too.
  • Bark
    Bark is a subscription monitoring service that passively watches for dangerous activity on your kids devices. It’s a helpful tool for facilitating conversation, but our staff prefers Mobicip for more direct control over content allowed on a device.

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