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Video: Say Yes to Your Kids

Watch for some encouragement on making quality time with your children a priority.

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Video: Being a Role Model

Pastor Todd challenges men to take the lead and model authentic manhood to the next generation.

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Video: How to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

If you desire to spend quality time with your kids but aren’t sure how to make it happen, check out this simple tip.

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Video: Balancing Work and Family

Every man struggles to balance his work life and home life. Pastor Todd Cox shares a few ways to keep your priorities straight.

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Video: Take a New Path

Do you keep falling into the same hole? Maybe it's time to change your route.


Pitfalls for Men

By Men’s Pastor Todd Cox   In our struggle to be the man God created us to be, there are roadblocks and pitfalls that continually trip us up. We need to be on the lookout for these recurring traps and make the necessary adjustments to avoid them.   [...]

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Video: What Your Wife Wants

Your wife desires physical affection but that involves more than sexual intimacy. Here is a simple tip that you can apply to your marriage every day.

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Video: Enduring the Negatives in Marriage

A simple shift in focus can completely transform your marriage.

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